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Expertise Matters

Representing Over 12 Million Square Feet of Space and Thirty Years

We’ll Guide You to Profitability

TCP Realty Services, LLC is a property management firm in Houston with the expertise to shepherd your real estate project to profitability. We have over 100 years of combined property management and real estate investment experience. Our team members have wide-ranging backgrounds and experiences that enable them to view real estate markets in innovative ways. If you’re an overtaxed landlord of a mall, we can help bring order and stability to your life. If you’re interested in real estate investment throughout Texas, we’ll secure significant returns on your investment.

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Property Management and Real Estate Investment

At TCP Realty Services, LLC we believe in a client-focused approach. Our goal is to help you maximize your profit potential.

Property management: We’ll take care of all the details that keep you from thinking big and growing your business. That means we take care of planning and implementing your budget, handling disputes with tenants, collecting and reassessing rent, contracting maintenance and repairs, and finding and screening potential tenants. In addition to freeing time for you to work on other things, our property management services provide you with a liability buffer.

Real estate investment: We specialize in identifying neglected neighborhoods with promise and finding underutilized real estate in those neighborhoods. Our mission is to minimize our investor’s risk and maximize their potential profits while revitalizing and rejuvenating neighborhoods. We’ve had heavy involvement in over 73 real estate investment projects throughout Texas, totaling over 6.3 million square feet costing $274 million. Our real estate investment team, led by our Co-Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer David A. Thomas, will help you identify areas and real estate properties with promise.

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