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Let Us Maximize Your Profitability

We maintain a large property management portfolio, servicing over 120 properties and 12 million square feet of office, retail, industrial, and multi-use space. We can act as a buffer between you and your day to day responsibilities as a landlord or investor. As an investment firm, we strive to diminish your investment risks while simultaneously maximizing your upside. We’re experts at identifying neighborhoods with financial opportunities and we always deliver for our clients.

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We Take Responsibility Off Your Hands So You Can Think Big

If you are a landlord or investor with a growing property and tenant portfolio it may be time to consider using a property manager. Managing your properties and tenants yourself is an exhausting job and can prevent you from effectively growing your bottom line. As your tenants and properties increase, so do the demands on your time for property maintenance, rent collection, and budget administration. As a third-party property manager, TCP Realty Services, LLC can streamline your professional life by handling those responsibilities and free you up to acquire new businesses and increase your profits.

When you hire TCP Realty Services, LLC you’ll be receiving a full-service and attentive approach. We help you add more properties and beef up your rental portfolio while acting as an effective liability buffer.
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Rent: We’ll handle the responsibilities of setting, collecting, and adjusting rent.

Managing tenants: We’ll take the reins and find prospective tenants, screen them, handle their leases, hear and resolve complaints, and facilitate move outs.

Maintenance and repairs: We’ll handle all maintenance requests and repairs.

Managing the budget: We can manage your property’s budget and help you maximize your profits

Taxes: We’ll assist you in filing your business-related taxes.

Invest in Growing Neighborhoods with Us

We have perfected the ability to identify neighborhoods across the Southwest United States that are ripe for development and revitalization. We’ll watch trends and demographics to find areas with potential, look for cities that have recently added mass transit, and follow the trail of artists and musicians to identify retail and real estate opportunities that create value and positively impact people’s lives. Once we identify neighborhoods with strong potential, we work with our individual investors to successfully complete the project. Our investment projects have brought substantial returns to our individual investors since 1991.

Expertise Matters.